Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Burton Skatepark Jam 21st June

Prizes from Vans, Death, Heathen, Unabomber, Adio, Sidewalk, Iron Fist and Skull Candy

Mad props to Nick at Vans, Nick at Death, Daz a Rollersnakes and Toby at Iron Fist

Two big breweries in Burton have declined to sponsor us beer though, not sure why a skatepark full of skaters drunk on free beer is pretty epic.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

You Jammy Sod

Another flyer made by the skateparks resident artist and organiser.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

JAM SAT 28th JUNE 2008

Harry is organising this...

You should definitely come and bring food, beer, fun. Maybe get a quirky haircut just for the occasion too.

God help us all.

Also go to to see what they are doing to each other if you're that way inclined.

Not All Skateboarding

Some rad stuff I've found from the Burton BMX lads.



Moving Pictures From Various Visitors

It's been a while so here is some footage I've found from visitors to the skatepark and shamelessly stolen. Maybe we should film our own stuff.

Birminghams A Third Foot skateboards edit.

More Videos >>

Now visit them at

Europes Antiz skateboards visited the park in 2007 on Documents ( Big Push. (it's in the first bit of part 2)
Part 2

Here's part 1 if you want to see what else they got up to

Visit them at

Edit by Leicesters spt

More Skateboarding Videos >>

Now see what he's up to on a daily basis at

Edit by Leicesters Lee Page from back in 2007

Not sure where you can visit him at on the internet so go to Leicester and walk around until you see him.

Derbys Tom Ball in 2007

Avoid him at all costs.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Please sign the petition to help save Harrow. It's an amazing park with years of history. It's influence in skateboarding is far reaching, it's appeared in many international videos and had loads of traveling teams demo there, parts of Harrow skatepark were even used as inspiration for parts of Burton skatepark. It needs to be saved from the bulldozer!


Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Pictures Videos Words From the Jam

A video of the day made by Tom Gnargore. Check out for more West Midlands shenanagins


More Videos >>

Also check out gnargores epicly later'd Part 2 is filmed on location at the jam, documenting Brewers return to form after many years out of the game. Glad to have you back man.
Part 1
Part 2

Board winning frontside flip on the mogul hip by Mikey

Some Photos from the day taken (badly) by myself.

Danny dishing out some commentary / verbal abuse.

Tom Gnargore won a pair of Vans shoes for running faster than everyone else.

They soon caught him up though.


Pandora's box.

Gawkrodger and Brewer.

More abuse.

West Midlands made the journey and took home mad product.


DaveDave in turmoil.

Photos Taken by Gawkrodger.